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We study the best solutions for your specific needs

Travelli Srl runs real estate transactions on luxury real estate and not, as houses, farms, or commercial property which, after a painstaking restoration and renovation are sold or rented by offering its expertise and experience in the field of building.
The properties are carefully selected based on the area and the specific characteristics of the surrounding area to be restored following the connotations native of the property and at the same time trying to make them unique and features.
This operation can be very interesting for the customer as well as the constant presence of the manufacturer in the construction site for the lack of “brokering” by others. About property still in the process of redevelopment, the potential customer can also decide the degree and type of finish chosen. Travelli Srl also uses the collaboration of technical and professional Annalisa Alessandri architect specializing in interior design.
Travelli Srl for its clients that require it provides the architect experience, who is ready to study the best solutions for their specific needs with attention to the lighting of the interior space and the choice of finishes of real estate. In this, If the customer can take advantage of render photorealistic drawings and documents to make clear the evolution of the chosen space