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A young and dynamic General Contractor with a lot of experience

The company Travelli Srl was founded in March 2004 by the need of its Legal Representative geom. Enrico Travelli to project the experience gained in the company of his father, founded in 1976, in the new landscape of private and public.
Travelli Srl itself as a young and dynamic company, to ‘avant-garde in all fields of construction, the constant search for new technologies and keeping up with the constant demand for competitive companies in the industry. The company Travelli Srl has the will and the ability to maintain the standard working at a qualitatively higher level.
Travelli Srl is also fitted with the right qualities to meet the demands of the market on both the new construction and the restoration and building renovation, while maintaining its strength as the SAFETY and TRAINING of workers employed in addition to the constant search for new materials; the equipment with which the company has all comply with current regulations and the latest generation of the electrical equipment manuals (hammers, grinders, etc) up to machines for specialized work such as cut-stone walls diamond blade, core drilling or tower cranes or machines for the earth moving and excavation such as excavators, skid steer loaders, motor carts In addition, Travelli Srl has adopted the principles of BEST4; excellence and sustainability, understood as the ability to combine business, are the basis of BEST4, which stands for:


It is an integrated tool to manage the variables essential for competitiveness. The variables with which a ‘leader, he must confront on a daily basis, and many are highly correlated with each other and managed with the aim of would reach the following results:

  • Maximizing value for shareholders and stakeholders by combining the qualitative requirements with highly effective solutions for the costs (QUALITY ‘);
  • Respect for the environment, with particular attention to stakeholders and the costs / environmental risks (ENVIRONMENT);
  • Compliance with the issues of health and safety of workers, having an influence on the productivity of the workforce and the high cost of “non-security” (SAFE)
  • The social impact, intended as a safeguard to the proper management of the rights of workers and production chains, tool for creating skilled jobs, wielding attractiveness and involvement by raising the motivation and professionalism of the staff (ETHICS).

The BEST system 4, actually has many advantages, in terms of optimization of resources, maximizing the operational effectiveness of conducting integrated audits.
The management excellence is guaranteed by the continuous process of integrated assessment, combined with the increased capacity of the organization to deal with the social and environmental context in which it operates.

...Teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the successes...

More and better quality produce works by putting into practice the growth of people who make up the company in order to deliver into the hands of the customer a finished product and complete according to the rules of art and always implementing their work with the new technologies that are entered in the market to ensure respect for the environment, people and the community.


Travelli Srl has achieved the certification SOA for the realization of construction works and industrial cat. OG1 of class II in 2009, expanding it in 2011 to the IIIa and IVa in 2014 and has participated in several races in the region, both public and invitation; also from May 2011 has been certified SOA OG2 in the category of class III for the restoration and maintenance of the property subject to protection under the provisions of cultural and environmental assets by expanding the standings IVa in 2014.

ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 CERTIFICATION

The company Travelli srl already in possession of the Certification of the Company Quality System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, in 2018 aware of the need to implement its own corporate know how, has obtained the Certification of the Safety Management System compliant with the standard UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018.

In the near future the company Travelli srl aims at the implementation of the certifications obtained with the incorporation in the Quality and Safety Management System also of the plant engineering sector and to obtain the Certification of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.