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Innovative materials and advanced construction solutions

The need to project the company through the new types of construction to adapt to the technological advancement of the materials and their installation, has led Travelli Srl to integrate its staff with skilled workers also in the construction of works in c.a. underground and above ground, with technicians specialized in the search for new materials and better constructive solutions.

Among our new buildings:

  • construction of new villas in Sesto Fiorentino, Florence (work in progress)
  • construction of new villa in Grosseto
  • new building of 15 villas and relative urbanization in the locality “La Fonte”, Bagno a Ripoli (2014-2017)
  • construction of new Eurospin sales point, Scandicci -Firenze (2017)-
  • construction of new Gucci concierge, Scandicci (2013)
  • construction of new company canteen Gucci building (2011)-
  • new construction of snow equipment depot for Autostrade per l’Italia (2011-2012)-
  • construction of the extension of the Campostaggia hospital, Siena (2009)

Canteen building for famous fashion house, Scandicci (Florence)

Construction of 15 new houses in the area Fonte al Pidocchio, Bagno a Ripoli (Florence)

New construction of Eurospin store, Scandicci (Florence)

New construction of house in Grosseto